Unemployment down in Monroe County, demand for workers high

Unemployment down in Monroe County, demand for workers high

MONROE, MI (WTOL) - Monroe County is a booming place to work in the state of Michigan.

Michigan Works says there are 700 more job postings in the county for May this year than in May of last year.

One of the booming businesses in the county is Pioneer Metal Finishing.

"The whole Monroe business community is growing incredibly fast," said Niall Geoghegan, plant manager at Pioneer Metal Finishing. "As our business grows, so does our labor. Since I've been here we've grown about thirty percent."

The human resources manager says they have positions to fill immediately to keep up with demand. She is willing to do in person, on-the-stop interviews.

"I would actually encourage them to come into our facility and fill out a paper application," said Rachael Lechner, Human Resources Generalist at Pioneer Metal Finishing. "A little old fashion but I like it."

The director of Michigan Works says the employment need at Pioneer Metal Finishing is not unique.

"Our unemployment rate is going down I think because employers aren't scared to hire anymore," said Stacey Goans, Director at Michigan Works Office in Monroe. "Their business is picking up. They know in Monroe County we have  qualified workforce. We have a great group of people will to work."

Michigan Works is posting new jobs daily, with some business having 20 or more openings.

"Places that need all around," Goans said. "They need warehouse individuals. They need truck drivers to deliver the products. They need janitorial to clean their space."

To see see what jobs are available in the area, you can visit the Michigan Works website.

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