YMCA offers life guard training for local teenagers

YMCA offers life guard training for local teenagers

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - As kids are now out of school and the weather is getting warmer, area pools are sure to become a hot spot. It sure is a sign of the oncoming summer as young adults in our area are getting their lifeguard certification to make sure that pool goers stay safe.

This week at the Findlay YMCA, future life guards learned advanced recovery techniques along with CPR training.

Life guards must take these skills courses every year and re-certify every two years.

"It's not about just sitting in a chair it's not about being outside, that their are parents who trust in us to take care of their kid when they come to swim at the pool," said Amanda Doty, Findlay YMCA Aquatic Safety Coordinator.

Though some veteran life guards are here today, many are still in high school, but the importance of this job is not lost on the teenagers.

"It's a large responsibility for a 15 year old. We really stress that to these kids, what job are you going to have at 15 or 16 that you're going to be responsible for saving lives," said YMCA Aquatics Director Erin Fishpaw.

And along with life saving skills, the confidence built during their time as a life guard will have a ripple effect for the rest of their lives.

"If you can do life guarding, you can do anything in life. As a life guard, it reminds you to be responsible, it reminds you to be vigilant," said Fishpaw. "And it reminds you in this day and age that technology is so part of our lives and that you have to remember to put it back on the back burner and and make sure that they are really paying attention while they are here."

After these classes, these life guards will be able to be hired at any local pool in the area.

The courses are held here at the Findlay YMCA four times a year.

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