Man arrested in Heather Bogle murder case

Man arrested in Heather Bogle murder case
Daniel Myers, 48 (Source: Sandusky County Sheriff's Office)
Heather Bogle (Source: WTOL)
Heather Bogle (Source: WTOL)

SANDUSKY COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - The Sandusky County Sheriff's Office arrested a man in connection to one of northwest Ohio's most puzzling cold cases.

In April of 2015, Bogle was first reported missing after she failed to pick up her daughter from school. One day later, officers found Bogle shot to death in the trunk of a car in an apartment complex in Clyde.

In late-May, authorities searched for evidence in the case at a trailer park in Clyde.

A clerk at the Clyde Municipal Court confirmed Daniel Myers, 48, has been arrested and charged murder of Bogle.

According to an affidavit filed with Sandusky County Court, Myers faces charges of aggravated murder, aggravated robbery, kidnapping and tampering with evidence.

The affidavit also states authorities found DNA evidence at the Emerald Estates trailer park during that search in late-May to link Myers to Heather Bogle's murder.

During a press conference, Sandusky County Sheriff Chris Hilton said Myers owned one of the lots of the trailer park where the DNA was collected.

The break in case happened when they found electronic evidence that led them to the trailer park in Clyde.

Sheriff Hilton says the two previously knew each other from working the same shift at Whirpool. He did not release a motive in the case.

Sheriff Hilton also praised the assistance of other agencies involved in the investigation including Ohio BCI and Clyde police.

Myers is currently being held at the Sandusky County Jail. He will make his first court appearance Friday.

Myers does have a criminal history.

In 1988, he was plead guilty to attempted child endangerment. In 2001, he was charged with domestic assault, but that case was later dismissed. Finally in 2004, Myers plead no contest to an assault charge.

All of those cases were in Sandusky County.

Myers's daughter says he does have a temper, but was shocked to hear of his arrest.

"He's got a temper. He is definitely known for violence, but I wouldn't say as far as killing somebody," said Danielle Frisch. "I would never guess."

Frisch says she had not talked to her father in six years. However, she believes justice must be served.

"I just pray for that family that they get that justice that they need, regardless if my father is found guilty or if he isn't found guilty," Frisch said. "I just hope that they get the justice that they need and the peace that they deserve."

The county prosecutor says Myers could receive the death penalty.

"It's a relief. I mean I knew at some point based on the level of work they were putting into it, we were going to get a break. But you never know when that break is going to be and you never know what it's going to be and at this point, this has been a good day," said county prosecutor Tim Braun.

The Sheriff's Office spoke to the family of Heather Bogle who said they were "emotional and grateful."

"This is obviously by no means is going to bring heather back and people use words like closure, I don't want to do that," said Sheriff Hilton. I think they just wanted to see the person or persons that did this to their loved one will never be able to do this to someone else's and I think that means a lot to them and all of us."

Meanwhile, the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office says they are continuing to collect evidence against Myers.

If you have any information, call the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office 419-332-2613, the detective bureau at (419)-334-6473 or the Ohio BCI at (1-855)-BCI-OHIO.

Ever since Chris Hilton took over as Sandusky County Sheriff, he says this case has been a top priority. Thursday's arrest gave Hilton's office a sense of hope in a tragic case.

"We know how much it meant to, not just us as deputies, but to her family and the county as a whole," Sheriff Hilton said. "Today is a good feeling, for a very bad reason and obviously with Heather's murder."

As for Frisch, she says her concern is for her 11-year-old brother who was in Myers's care.

"In the end we'll be okay like, we're a strong family we'll get through it. Dan is his own person he makes his own decisions in life and whatever consequences he has to face that's on him," Frisch said. "Him and his choices does not define all of us."
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