A look into the Toledo plant that will make the new Jeep Wrangler

You may love your Jeep Wrangler, but Chrysler will start making new ones later this year to wet your appetite.

Fiat Chrysler gave its first look at a $700 million investment to build the Wrangler of the future.

The iconic Jeep Wrangler is proudly on display at the Toledo North Assembly Plant. Inside, everything is under construction.

The plant is where the Jeep Cherokee had been built until it moved to Illinois in early April. Workers at the south plant are still building 800 current edition Wranglers a day, but this one was gutted to build the next generation Wrangler.

"We were coming right behind it, we were taking the parts off the line, the computer systems off the line, the racks away from the line," said Jeep complex manager Chuck Padden.

In a tour of the facility, WTOL found workers up high and down low. Flashes of light revealed the big changes needed to transition from the unibody Cherokee to the "body on frame" Wrangler.

In one area, the body will be attached to the chassis. That's when workers say the Wrangler will become a car.

"Our construction contractors, our skilled trades are here 24 hours a day doing robot installation and the body shop, they're putting tooling in down here in trim," Padden said.

FCA also took us to an area where the final assembly of the new Wrangler will happen. They have been pouring concrete and getting the conveyor system ready to go.

Concrete flowed in and then was tamped down to make it smooth.

Padden said there was something he could not show. It's where they're already building new Wranglers.

"Right now we've got a small factory inside the plant here and we have built a couple hundred of them, that we use for our design validation durability tests," Padden explained.

"It's top secret, but the car is beautiful. And I think it's going to be a huge, huge hit for us."

So when can you climb in one of the new Wranglers?

Fiat Chrysler says they should be at your dealership early next year.

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