Woodville Police accepting applications for part time positions

Woodville Police accepting applications for part time positions

WOODVILLE, OH (WTOL) - The village of Woodville is offering an early start for anyone interested in a career in law enforcement, after losing some of their officers to the newest Toledo Police class.

The department usually has five full-time officers and six to eight part-time.

Those part-time positions are a portion of a 10-man auxiliary unit comprised of recently graduated cadets from nearby police academies, or even some who are still enrolled.

Woodville Police Chief Roy Whitehead says they are looking to fill three part-time openings in the auxiliary, two of those openings are to be filled as quickly as possible.

Those officers will get invaluable first-hand experience of police work early in their career before possibly moving on to larger departments in the area.

"And go from there onto bigger and better departments. We're a great stomping grounds, we're not looking to keep people because we know they're going to move on to the bigger and better agencies," Chief Whitehead said. "But we like to bring them here and show them what we can train them."

To apply, you can visit the Woodville Administration building.

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