WSOS in Fremont to expand to all-day child care

WSOS in Fremont to expand to all-day child care

FREMONT, OH (WTOL) - WSOS offers child care and early Head Start programs in multiple locations in our area. They will soon expand those services, including more full day options for local children.

The child care services WSOS offers is not only vital for the families who need a free option, but it also gets children acclimated to a school-like structure leading into Kindergarten.

"And it really is about serving those children in our communities who otherwise may not receive such services and who don't start kindergarten at the same level as some of their peers," said WSOS President and CEO Ruthann House.

After the national office of Head Start adjusted their classroom regulations, WSOS applied for additional funding.

The duration funds will allow them to offer full-day service to all of the 186 children in their Fremont program starting in August.

The kids will go from three and a half hours a day to seven hours a day. The extended time with the children has been proven to be vastly more beneficial.

"What we see is that the outcomes for the children is much greater than children who are in our part day program," said Child Development Director Jacquie Wells."They're more prepared for school, which is the ultimate goal of the Head Start program."

"They've become acclimated, they're comfortable, they know how to interact, they know how not to interact. So, yeah it really does prepare them," House said.

WSOS hopes to expand all of their Head Start programs in the area to full day soon.

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