High winds, high water causing problems for Lake Erie boaters, fishermen

High winds, high water causing problems for Lake Erie boaters, fishermen

CURTICE, OH (WTOL) - If you're planning a trip to the beach along Lake Erie or out on the water, this might not be the best time. High winds are causing issues for boaters and fishermen along the lake.

Mike Kubacki of Toledo loves spending a few hours d ropping a line in the water at Meinke Marina. His buddy has a boat there. But fishing hasn't been easy lately.

"Oh, it's hard for those guys to dock when it's blowing like this. Especially if you have a bigger boat," Kubacki said. "Makes it much harder to get close to the dock."

Strong winds blowing from the northeast have pushed more and more water against the Lake Erie shoreline. The Lake is also muddy from heavy rains, making it harder for Kubacki to find what he's looking for.

"You can, maybe early in the spring, but they'll go to clear water now. Especially the walleye," he added.

Lake Erie Waterkeeper Sandy Bihn had trouble of her own while moving her boat today.

"It was mud. I mean you know how the whole back of the boat, the motor is going and stuff, it was just brown mud. Yuck," Bihn said.

Bihn hopes boaters secure their prized possessions, so they don't get carried away by the high water and wind.

"Need a little ripple on the water but not like this," Kubacki said.

Fishermen like Kubacki have outings planned for this weekend or later in June, but they might have to cancel if the conditions don't improve.

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