Tiger Ridge owner makes bid to get big cats back

Tiger Ridge owner makes bid to get big cats back

It has been nearly three years since the Ohio Department of Agriculture took the animals of Tiger Ridge Exotic from owner Kenny Hetrick. Ever since, Hetrick says he is still fighting to get them back.

Wednesday both sides appeared in appeals court to give their final arguments in the case.

Now Hetrick will wait to find out the decision of the three Ohio 6th District Court of Appeals judges to see if they will decide in favor of Wood County's decision to give back the animals to Tiger Ridge or if they will decide in favor of the ODA.

"Who would have ever thought that these small town people could take on the government," said Corrina Hetrick, daughter of Kenny Hetrick. "And here we are."

Each side had 15 minutes to give their final arguments.

The ODA said Kenny Hetrick didn't submit the proper permit before the deadline or complete the necessary updates to the pens at Tiger Ridge in time. Kenny's attorney said her client was singled out by ODA and not treated fairly.

"It's not like we're pulling this stuff out of the dark," said Corrina Hetrick. "We back everything up with proof and documents. You know, we have a very strong case. I think with us being in this courtroom today shows that."

The Hetricks tell WTOL they are hopeful the judges will decide in their favor but if they don't, they won't hesitate to take this case to the Ohio Supreme court.

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