Health department gearing up for all city pool inspections

Health department gearing up for all city pool inspections

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Summer is here and the city of Toledo is gearing up for the public pool season with its 165 outdoor pools.

Safety is the number one priority, so before anyone can take the first dive the pools must be inspected by the health department.

All outdoor pools must be inspected, which means that in addition to public pools, apartment complex and country club pools get inspected as well.

The health department checks to make sure everything is there and readily available in case on emergencies, things like ring buoys, a Shepard's crook, and emergency phones.

The department also checks lifeguard certification if the pool has a life guard on duty, and makes sure the lifeguard is visible no matter where you are in the pool.

The quality of the pool water is an important part of the inspection as well.

"Clarity is a very big thing, so when you're standing on your pool deck  you should be able to see the bottom of that pool," said Jennifer Gottschalk of the Lucas County Health Department. "We also do pool chemistry which would be your chlorine and pH levels. All that is checked during that pool inspection."

The health department was forced to cancel a lot of their inspections due to rain last week, so they are now in overdrive to get all the pools checked.

It usually takes an hour or so to check a pool.

Luckily, the department can usually work out any issues the pool might have right here on-site.

City pools are set to open June 24.

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