Toledo City Council votes against pay raises for council, mayor

Toledo City Council votes against pay raises for council, mayor
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - After avoiding the topic at the last city council meeting, the Toledo City Council decided neither the council nor the mayor will receive raises from taxpayers.

The debated waged for almost 40 minutes before President Steel said the council had to move on.

There were two different options on the table. Both failed by only two votes.

Mayor Paula Hicks Hudson sat in chambers as council voted on her pay raise, with only Councilman Steel and Sykes voting in favor of the raise. After all three pay raise options failed, council members weighed in.

Council members who voted yes on raises saying if Toledo is going to attract anything but business owners and retirees, this needs to change. Among those was Councilwoman Lindsay Webb, who said she is fed up with council not getting a raise she believes they deserve.

"I have this to say, I'm term limited out. This raise was not going to effect me at all, but it will effect me in terms of who serves district 6 when I'm gone," Councilman Webb said. "I want the very best person I can, and if that means that we have to pay a little bit more so I get a better quality, caliber person, then that's what I want to do."

According to Toledo's city charter, the issue of pay raises can be brought up every few years. This year many of the council members are up for reelection.

Council members think voters should have been allowed to vote on the issue.

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