Call 11 for Action: Mother complains of dog droppings on her lawn

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A Toledo woman sent in numerous complaints that her neighbor's dogs has been leaving dropping in her yards for three years. Nothing was being done about it.

"I have a son that has autism, and he's scared to death to go out the door," said resident Amy Walls. "Like he's missed so many days of the dog going out to the back, I can't get him to go to school and it's causing an issue with attendance."

Walls says she pleaded with the dog owner, who brings the dog to his work at Quality Collision two doors down, numerous times to keep the dog off her yard. But the dog was able to continue to come into the yard because there is no fence between the two properties.

WTOL met the dog owner and the dog accused of creating the nasty business.

"I own a dog, his name's Buckeye. He's a Rottweiler," Joe Wankowski said. "He's a great dog. He's very nice. People see him out here all the time, in front of the shop. I mean we leave the door open, and he comes out here and pets. He's a very nice dog."

He says in the past he offered and has even gone to Walls's yard to pick up the mess, but she says that's not enough. She says wants a fence there once and for all.

"Unfortunately, I share a back property with my neighbor and his fence and his property that adjacents her yard, is caved in," Wankowski. "The tree is falling over and the fence is depleted."

He says the best he can do now, is put in a temporary fence because a permanent one may not be sustainable due to the eroding concrete.  Wankowski says he needs to the permission from his neighboring business owner at Orra's Automotive.

The owner, Mike Orra, agreed to the temporary fence idea to deal with the issue.

Orra says he will be in communication with Wankowski to get a final agreement worked out because he is not too pleased with the dog either.

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