Tick bite causes paralysis in little girl, experts talk prevention

Tick bite causes paralysis in little girl, experts talk prevention

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A video of a three year old girl in Texas is going viral. In the video she's experiencing Tick Paralysis. She temporarily couldn't walk after being bitten by a tick.

So how does this happen? We asked local doctors to explain.

"It comes from the saliva of the salivary gland of the tick and sometimes that tick has to be on that person for greater than 24-48 hours," said Dr. Anthony Atkins, Mercy Health.

Symptoms of tick paralysis go away as soon as the engorged tick is removed.

Dr. Atkins said tick paralysis is rare but it can happen to anyone but is more common in dogs.

"But now because of the internet, people catch things and it may be more prominent but in the past, during med school I may have heard of it once or twice," said Dr. Atkins.

Some may be wondering what can be do to protect family and pets this summer. Lawn care experts said picking up a backyard bug control product from any local home improvement store to treat the lawn will help get rid of ticks.

"The key with prevention is protection," Dr. Atkins explained. "There's things called DEET that you can put on the skin. You have Promethean bug repellent to put on your clothes. But the key is try to avoid the trigger areas."

Doctors also said one of the best things to do to prevent tick bites is to be aware. After coming home from being outside its important to do a self-check as well as checking the pets in the home.

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