High ranking intelligence officer honored at his NW Ohio high school

High ranking intelligence officer honored at his NW Ohio high school

PETTISVILLE, OH (WTOL) - Major General Jeffrey Kruse is the senior intelligence officer for the US Military in the Pacific.

On Friday, the Major General came home to receive a special honor from Pettisville High School, where he graduated from over twenty years ago.

Major General Kruse received the Circle of Excellence award, the first ever given out at the school.

"To be able to come back and say some thank yous to the people that really formed me when I was young, helped me be successful for really what has been 26 fantastic years in the air force, this was probably one of the more meaningful events I've done," said Kruse.

While Major General Jeffrey Kruse can enjoy the next few days at home in Pettisville, on Monday he returns to Hawaii, to deal with one of the country's biggest current threats to national security.

"North Korea is probably the forefront of our attention, I would say I probably spend half my time trying to figure out what North Korea is doing and the status of their weapons programs and what they are going to do next," said Kruse.

Kruse is in charge of keeping an eye on 36 countries across the Pacific.

Then he reports to his boss, who then is in direct communication with the US Secretary of Defense.

"I've got like 6 or 700 people working for me and we make sure we're out all across the globe trying to figure out what's going on in the world and how do we make the nation prepared for the next conflict that we would prefer to prevent, but be prepared to fight," said Kruse.

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