Garfield Elementary holds 'beauty day' for special ed students

Garfield Elementary holds 'beauty day' for special ed students

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Special education students at Garfield Elementary received a special treat Friday for graduation.

For many kids diagnosed with autism or other developmental disabilities, the atmosphere of a beauty salon is not ideal. The environment is too loud and too bright. So Garfield elementary created their own salon for students.

"Putting make up on them, getting their hair done, getting their nails done, it makes them feel special it makes them feel beautiful," said volunteer Angela Silva.

Many of the school's special education students, it was their first experience in getting a full-on spa treatment.

"These are the glitter eye shadows," Silva said. "So I let them choose glitter to go on top of the actual eye shadows. Then they get blush, then they get lip gloss."

The boys were treated with a cool hair style for the occasion.

The staff created a sensory friendly environment with dim lighting, soft musics and diffusers with a relaxing lavender scene. Another important aspect was having a familiar group around them they trust.

"They are looking at their nails. They are looking at themselves in the mirror," Silva said. "It's really special just to be able to see them glow and feel good about themselves"

All of the supplies for the event were donated by beauty professionals and volunteers.

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