Benefits of northwest Ohio's craft beer boom spilling over to other local industries

Benefits of northwest Ohio's craft beer boom spilling over to other local industries

HOLLAND, OH (WTOL) - The craft beer industry in Ohio continues to grow, pumping billions of dollars into the economy.

That growth has also impacted other industries in northwest Ohio.

Matthew French runs Amps Industrial Controls in Holland, which his father started 25 years ago.

The business' client base has shifted in recent years as craft beer has gotten more popular..

"What's come to be our specialty is craft beer and craft beverages in general, and distilling. In Ohio, craft beer is certainly big," said French.

Amps Industrial Controls makes electrical controls that breweries use. The electrical controls monitor temperatures in fermenters, start and stop pumps, store recipes, and all around help brew good beer, consistently.

"We work with customers all over the country, but it's really fun to work with the local ones. We work with Findlay Brewing Company, Maumee Bay, a little bit with Black Cloister. There's a new one in Sylvania that we're starting to work with," said French.

The growing popularity of craft beer allowed the company to move into a bigger space a couple years ago, all to keep up with the demand.

French says the craft beer industry made up about 5 percent of his client base ten years ago. It's grown to about 30 percent now.

"Toledo is historically a manufacturing town and it still is, so there are these side benefits of craft beer growing, and it's good for people like us," said French.

As long as you're willing to raise your glass, French is happy to keep the equipment helping to make that beer, in good working order.

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