Highway safety is important for everyone, including construction workers

Highway safety is important for everyone, including construction workers

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The summer season brings sun, fun and construction.

With more construction workers out on the roads, it's important that everyone stays safe.

According to a study conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America, 44 perfect of highway contractors reported that motor vehicles had crashed into their construction work zones last year.

This inspired the association to create a new national campaign that urges motorists to stay alert while driving through work zones to avoid the "nightmare" of killing highway workers, as well as other drivers or passengers.

"There is no meeting, email or text that is more important than the safety of workers or motorists," said Stephen Sandherr, chief executive director for the Associated General Contractors of America.

Sandherr said that 25 percent of work zone crashes injure or kill construction workers, and 49 percent injure or kill the motorist.

Work zone crashes can also delay and even shut down construction projects, when people already think that these projects take too long

The Associated General Contractors said that a majority of the contractors they surveyed said that motor vehicle crashes pose a greater risk today than they did just ten years ago.

This information inspired the associated to launch this campaign  to improve the safety of the nation's highway work zones.

"With the summer travel season starting this weekend, our message to every motorist is this: when you see construction signs and orange barrels, take your foot off the gas, get off the phone and keep your eyes on the road," Sandherr said.

More than 700 contractors completed this survey nationwide, including those from Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

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