Police warn drivers to lock cars after multiple cases of theft

Police warn drivers to lock cars after multiple cases of theft

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Nine victims in just under a month in Bowling Green to thefts from cars. Most of them could have been avoided with the simple push of a button, to lock the car.

Computers, cellphones, cash, a handicap placard, and more seriously a firearm, all taken from vehicles in Bowling Green, most of them unlocked.

"Reality is some of these things we're not going to find," said Sergeant Paul Tyson of the Bowling Green Police Department. "Some of them like a MacBook may have a serial number we can track if the person has it, the firearm does have a serial number we can hopefully find that someday, cash unfortunately that's probably gone."

Police say there are a few ways you can protect yourself against this crime of opportunity:

  • Roll up your windows
  • Hide your valuable items
  • Lock your car.

"I always lock my car it's just a total habit," said Nick Poma, a Bowling Green resident. "I don't even think about it I just always hit that button as soon as I go."

"We have always pretty much locked everything," said John Lockard, a Pemberville resident. "Once in a while you think well maybe I didn't and you go back and double-check and I think as a rule we pretty much lock all the time."

"We're pretty aware of what's going on," added Darlene Lockard. Another tip, park your car in a garage if possible, if not, park by a well-lit area.

Police say the nine break-ins happened in the second and third wards of the city on the south end. All but two of the vehicles were unlocked when the items were taken. Police don't have any suspects at this time and are unsure if these incidents are connected.

Police say if you have any information you can call their office. They also suggest you should be aware of your surroundings and lookout for anything that seems odd.

"If you happen to hear something suspicious call us right away," said Sgt. Tyson. "You see something suspicious call us right away. We're here 24/7. A lot of people seem to feel like they're almost disturbing or it's not an issue, call. Let us decide, we'll be more than happy to come out and do what we can and hopefully if it's not a good thing going on we can do something about it right then and keep your stuff from getting stolen."

Items have been stolen from both businesses and homes, during daylight and after so it's best to protect yourself and lock thieves out of your car.

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