Food truck owners criticizing proposed $250 registration fee in Perrysburg

Food truck owners criticizing proposed $250 registration fee in Perrysburg

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Thursday night in Downtown Perrysburg can only mean one thing: The Farmers Market. This year, food trucks came to the market to feed the public, but it may cost truck operators more money to set up.

The trucks have been a hit bringing more shoppers by the market.

"I think it's very different. I like to try different foods," Amber Geitgey said.

The Perrysburg City Council is considering an ordinance requiring food trucks to pay an annual $250 registration fee.

The fee would guarantee trucks paid taxes and have been inspected by the Perrysburg Fire and Wood County Health Departments.

Operators don't mind paying a fee but feel $250 is outrageous, possibly forcing them to take their business elsewhere.

"It's definitely going to make us revisit things and look at things and see what our other options are," said Nino Perna of Nick and Nino's Street Food.

Toledo has an annual $50.00 registration fee. Maumee does not charge a fee.

"We're kind of getting over-regulated. We're just a restaurant on wheels type thing, and I think that's what's happening a bit," explained Phil Barone of the Toledo Food Truck Association.

Inviting the food trucks was the idea of the Perrysburg Convention and Visitors Bureau. The group says they will remain neutral on the registration fee issue.

"It gives us more offerings. It gives people more opportunity to come down and get a lot more things," said Sandy Latchem of the bureau.

The council has not yet taken action on the ordinance.

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