Money Talks News: Pay less for wedding dress

Money Talks News - Wedding dresses are an iconic symbol of marriage, and one that can make up a big part of a bride's budget. A dress that costs $950 is below the 1200 average women spend on wedding dresses, according to TheKnot.

When it comes to dresses, they can range from $500 to $20,000. However one thing's for sure, brides can get creative whether they're a dress shop owner or a customer it's possible for then to cut that cost.

One way to cut the cost is selling it on consignment.

Brides can check thrift shops for wedding dresses or possibly find a deal online. However it's important to beware of laying out big bucks for a dress that aren't seen in person first. The quality may not be up to par and it may not be able to be returned.

Brides can also do what so many grooms do and that's rent a dress. Some shops rent not only dresses, but also the accessories to go with them.

Some brides can choose a  regular clothing retailer to buy their dress from or they can choose a nice non-wedding dress for the occasion. If someone is handy with a sewing machine, it's not a bad idea to have have them make it.

If there was ever a situation where it was appropriate to substitute imagination for money, this is it. For more ways to save on weddings go the Money Talks News Website and search "Wedding savings."

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