TPS students honor local fallen veterans

TPS students honor local fallen veterans

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A group of Toledo Public Schools students helped one local cemetery prepare for the Memorial Day Weekend, and it was even after their last day of school.

Thursday, students from the TPS Aviation Center volunteered their time to come out and plant flags next to grave markers of local veterans.

With the stars and stripes in hand, these students, many of which are already graduated seniors, helped to pay respect to fallen veterans at Toledo Memorial Park in Sylvania.

It has become a bit of a tradition for the school, as their instructors want to instill a sense of service and respect in their students.

"It's building integrity. Building honor and integrity, and that's a lot of what our program is," said TPS Aerospace instructor Brad McDonald. "It's not just aviation, we give back to the community. It's getting these students out so they can learn the value of honor and integrity."

One of those students is Amed Issa, who just finished his curriculum at Toledo Aerospace. Issa  enlisted in the Marine Corps and will be shipping out to basic training in 10 days.

He says this activity helps the impact and respect of these men and women's service to sink in just a little deeper.

"It does, because when we put the flags on the graves we notice some families. Like some fathers and sons who are buried next to each other. And even some died within a year of each other. And it just shows how these young men and women went off and served," Issa said.

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