Toledo to crack down on landlord not obeying lead orders

Toledo to crack down on landlord not obeying lead orders
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The city of Toledo is ready to crackdown on landlords who fail to obey the city's lead orders from the Lucas County Health Department.

Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson made the announcement Thursday afternoon.

Toledo's Housing Prosecutors will begin to serve affidavits Friday to three landlords that received lead citations from the Health Department. The Law Department will also begin the institution of civil lawsuits against responsible persons and entities.

"With the prosecutors, in reviewing cases that we already have on the books, as well as upcoming cases in the next couple weeks, to make sure that we can bring them to litigation and get what we need out of that. That is that remediation portion," said Eric Zgodzinski of the Lucas County Health Department.

Mayor Hicks-Hudson says state laws allows cities to take over prosecutions against landlords who do not comply with the Health Department.

There are 27 known properties the city will take legal action against.

"When one of those 27 homes, the absentee owner just knew that there was lead problems and rented the house three weeks before they were caught," said City Councilman Peter Ujvagi. "Those folks know, they should know, that we're going to go after them."

One of the many issues the health department faces is finding safe homes for families forced to move. due to the lead ordinance.

Mayor Hicks-Hudson says Thursday's announcement is to best protect the children of Toledo from deadly lead poisonings. The mayor says this step is separate from the lead ordinance the city has passed but is an important key piece to move Toledo forward.

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