Parent says WLS teachers were likely not drinking during camp

Parent says WLS teachers were likely not drinking during camp

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Seven Washington Local teachers are still off the job, as an investigation continues into allegations they left camp to drink.

Maureen Lutz has a daughter who goes to Monac Elementary and she went with her daughter and other 6th graders to chaperone that week at the camp. She said she saw no evidence the teachers had been drinking.

When asked if she thought the teachers are getting a raw deal, she said, "It sucks."

Lutz said she is a longtime chaperone at Camp Copneconic in Fenton, Michigan. She said the camp this past May 8 through May 12 was normal as always.

"Teachers were present. Any time I needed a teacher because of drama in the cabin or whatever, I could always go to the cafeteria or out in the meeting area," she added.

She doesn't know where the allegations came from, of the teachers leaving camp to drink at a restaurant.

Lutz said she never noticed they were gone or that they came back smelling of alcohol or acting differently.

"No. Not to my knowledge. Again, I saw the sixth grade teacher from Monac very often," Lutz responded.

She said she and her family know the unnamed Monac teacher very well, and she can't see him or the others sneaking out to drink.

She was asked if it was possible that they could have left even after midnight, when everyone was asleep and it was quiet.

"I doubt it because it's so exhausting. It's so structured. We were tired," she said.

Washington Local School leaders said Wednesday their investigation has concluded and the teachers won't be back to school this year and that the teachers have been given the chance to resign.

If they choose not to resign, they will get due process and a chance to respond before the school board makes a final decision on their future. Our calls to school leaders on Thursday today haven't been returned.

June 6 is the last day of school for Washington Local Schools. Maureen hopes the teachers can be cleared and back in place to send the kids off for the summer.
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