Bus driver remembers fire that almost took her daughter's life

Bus driver remembers fire that almost took her daughter's life
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - May 19 was supposed to be just another Thursday for Stacy Taylor, a school bus driver and resident of Andover Apartments. But on that day, Taylor got a call from her sister.

Taylor's sister told Stacy that her south Toledo apartment was on fire with her 19-year-old daughter, Sasha, inside.

"I didn't hear back from my sister, so I'm there while I'm stopped, dialing," Taylor said. "Sasha didn't answer the phone.So now I'm really panicking, but I couldn't let the kids know cause I'm still driving the bus."

More than 30 minutes passed, and she still did not know if her daughter had gotten out alive. But she still had a job to do. She also had to remain calm with a bus full of kids in her care.

"I'm just praying in my mind like please, Sasha, I hope you was woke," Taylor said. "But I know I've got these kids on the bus, I'm trying to be safe!"

Finally, Taylor passed by the apartments to see the damage.

"Make a left down Heatherdowns. I see the smoke so I said, 'Oh no!'" Taylor said. "I see the cops, I say, 'Sir, can you tell me is that my building burning down?'"

The officer informed Taylor her building was indeed on fire.

However, her other daughter approached Taylor saying Sasha escaped the flames.

Wednesday, Taylor saw the damage up close.

"It's so heartbreaking, because if you have losses in the past this is a like a reminder of it," Taylor said. "And we done lost so much. This was like a new beginning, when I moved here. So now I'm gonna have to start all over again."

She says it will be hard to get back on their feet, but she appreciates the community's generosity.

The Red Cross is still asking for donations through the Toledo Chapter of the Disaster Relief Fund.

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