Law enforcement to hammer down 'Click it or Ticket' during Memorial Day Weekend

Law enforcement to hammer down 'Click it or Ticket' during Memorial Day Weekend

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - 'Click it or Ticket' is a catchy phrase everyone in Ohio knows of and it is a phrase something drivers should all keep in mind every day, especially during Memorial Day weekend this year.

In order for drivers to avoid getting a ticket or even worse being a statistic, the first thing to do before moving the car an inch is to put on their seatbelt.

Last year almost 50% of fatalities from accidents happened because the victim was not wearing a seatbelt.

"The seatbelt does so much for you when you're in the car. If you lose control, especially in the winter conditions," said Lieutenant Shaun J. Robinson of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. "if you start hydroplaning and your car starts spinning, that seatbelt is designed to keep you in that seat and give you the best chance possible to regain control."

With over 1,000,000 drivers on the road in Ohio during memorial weekend, it is more likely that a crash can happen.

To kick off national 'Click it or Ticket' enforcement, Ohio and Michigan will have a 'friendly competition' to increase the safety belt use in the Midwest.

"We're so close with Toledo. People come down and have a good time. Or vice versa, they head into Michigan. The goal of it is to just raise awareness for seatbelt use," said Robinson.

Ohioans are encouraged to use the hashtag 'ClickOnOhio' on social media to participate in the challenge and show their state pride, of course until after they're off the road.

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