Toledo City Council hoping to remove liquor licenses from dangerous bars

Toledo City Council hoping to remove liquor licenses from dangerous bars
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Toledo City Council is reviewing the process of removing liquor licenses.

The council clarified they are hoping to get rid of the bad apples rather than shut down businesses.

The council brought up three numbers for objections to liquor licenses: Antidote, the Pourhouse and Pack P&D.

Councilman Rob Luderman says he wants council members to have control before liquor objections come to the council.

According to the proposal, once neighbors of a bar make multiple complaints to the council, police are notified. The city can then recommend to the state their liquors license to be removed.

Some neighbors say this may make some bars more dangerous because owners would be hesitant to call the police to avoid being flagged.

"It's a tough call because you've got small business owners who invest a lot of time and effort into these businesses," said Councilman Kurt Young. "And they create jobs. And they provide services when they're run right versus people having safety in their neighborhoods and kids being able to play and that kind of thing. So again we wanted to be transparent about what we are doing and see if there is anyway we can improve the process."

The three bars will have a mock-like trial in Columbus where Toledo leaders hope to persuade the state to not allow them to serve alcohol.

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