Monroe unveils updates for six parks

Monroe unveils updates for six parks

MONROE, MI (WTOL) - The six existing parks in Monroe are getting a major facelift.

The community was invited to see the proposed plans Wednesday. Some of the updates will include more baseball diamonds and soccer fields while others will include waterfront access downtown. Another will also include river access for canoeing.

These proposed plans are unveiled after nearly two years of working with the residents and developers to come up with the best solutions for the needs of the community.

The director of Monroe recreation department said after the tough economic times in 2010, the entire recreation department was at risk. She's excited to show off the great improvements to Monroe's parks.

"So I'm hoping people come in and can see the future and can see that sometimes change is really good," said Loretta LaPointe, Monroe Recreation Department. "When things are past their useful life or their safe life, it's really better to think wisely of where we should put it so that everything works together."

LaPointe said in phase two they will begin to look at which updates will come first at each park, most of which will be based off funding.

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