Mother, daughter charged with arson

Mother, daughter charged with arson
Parkhurst (Source: WTOL)
Parkhurst (Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A mother and daughter accused of burning homes for profit appeared in court Wednesday.

31-year-old Britnee Messano and her mother, 54-year-old Jennifer Parkhurst, allegedly set fire to a home on Collingwood Boulevard in order to collect the insurance money for it.

The mother-daughter duo are now facing Arson, Aggravated Arson for hire and Insurance Fraud charges.

There are court documents that explain how the women participated in the arson fire and how it was planned to collect insurance money.

"We do know there are groups out there who are purchasing homes and putting people in there for short periods and then burning them down and then cashing in on the insurance money. Our arson unit has some phenomenal resources and are able to track these people down," said Sterling Rahe with Toledo Fire Department.

This type of crime is one that TFD takes personally.

"When we have people out there intentionally setting these fires with the intent to get insurance money and put our people at risk, we take that very personal."

Both Parkhurst and Messano pleaded not guilty.

The judge set their bond at $300,000 with no 10 percent. They were arrested earlier this month by U.S. Marshals.

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