AAA offers safe travel tips for the holiday weekend

AAA offers safe travel tips for the holiday weekend

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Travel organization AAA wants to make sure everyone has safe travels over Memorial Day weekend.

Almost 40 million people are planning to hit the road this holiday weekend, and more than one million of those people are Ohioans.

Whether your trip is down the street or across the country, it's important to make sure your vehicle road ready before you leave.

"Personally, I would always make sure that before you go, have a safety inspection," said Ryan Maxin, AAA store manager. "Check the breaks, check the suspension, things like that so you don't have any abnormal disasters."

Debbi Hill will be one of those millions of travelers for Memorial Day. Being a woman, Hill said that it's important for her car to be safe so she doesn't have to depend on help from anyone, especially a stranger.

"Women, I think, are more vulnerable when they're on the road by themselves. You never know who's watching or what's going on, so make sure your car is checked out and things are in running order," Hill said.

Drivers should prepare beyond just routine things like oil changes, tire checks and brake inspections.

"Sometimes people just decide to hit the road with an idea of where they want to go. Perhaps they're not prepared with maps, they haven't checked ahead to see if there are any delays, any detours, any construction going on. Hopefully over the holiday season, most of the construction is not going on," said Patty Hicks, regional travel sales manager.

But if you do run into any issues on the road, AAA is there to help.

"They have roadside service," said AAA assistant manager Chris Spychalski. "They can fix a flat, change a tire for you, replace the battery for you and tow you wherever you need to go."

Memorial Day kicks off the summer traveling season, so be sure to use these tips for any trip you're planning.

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