Medicaid cuts could impact heroin epidemic

Medicaid cuts could impact heroin epidemic

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Presidents Donald Trump's proposed budget includes billions of dollars in cuts to Medicaid over the next 10 years.

"What if they couldn't come here today," said Todd Crandell, Racing For Recovery. "What would those 23 people be doing?"

Crandell said the 23 patients in Racing For Recovery's Intensive Outpatient Clinic were all on Medicaid.

"Medicaid needs to be looked at as an opportunity for people to get better individually that then social enhances our community," Crandell explained. "It's not a deterrent."

Racing for Recovery's ability to help those battling addiction could all change, if President Trump's proposed 2018 budget passes. The budget includes more than $800 billion in cuts from the Medicaid health care program.

"If we're investing in people by providing Medicaid assistance we're investing in our country," Crandell said. "We're investing in people's lives to be assets. If those benefits are taken away, How are we supposed to invest in people to be productive members of society."

Crandell and his team have been able to move into a new facility and provide more rehab programs with the Medicaid expansion.

"If that's removed what we're doing is were taking a good percentage of what is giving us the opportunity to provide lives for people and it's offering us a deep hole that I'm not quite sure how were going to be able to fill right now."

Before any cuts are made, Congress still needs to pass Trump's 2018 budget.

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