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Penta career students get patrol car from Wood County Sheriff's Office

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Students at Penta Career center got another tool to help with their future in law enforcement.

The Wood County Sheriff’s Office partnered with the Wood County Commissioners to donate a 2009 Chevy Impala patrol car.

"I'm grateful that we have a car now. It's just awesome," said Penta student, Dylan Ware.

"I think it will help us experiencing what we will deal with in our near future," added criminal justice student, Allie Jude.

"They're going to be able to drive this around the school campus and again practice on approaching a vehicle just like they were a policeman, a state patrol or a sheriff's deputy,” said Penta Superintendent Ron Matter.

The students at the Penta Center learn how to pull up behind a vehicle, how to approach a driver, and all of the different bells and whistles of the car. These valuable lessons will give them a head start for their careers.

"I think that will help us a lot cause most of our class wants to be a police officer so that will help them get hands on work," Jude said.

This deal is working out for both sides. The Wood County Sheriff's office is getting a new vehicle for their detectives thanks to Penta.

"I proposed to Penta, if I were to donate a vehicle to them would they fix up our SUV? And, they said, 'Absolutely,'" Sheriff Wasylyshyn said.

"Our auto body repair students get training on the front end on making these repairs and on the back side our criminal justice kids will get to use this vehicle," Matter said.

Sheriff Wasylyhsyn says these patrol cars don't have much resale value, and this is the best use of tax dollars training the future generation.

"We've actually hired people from the Penta that have graduated from the Penta program and have them on our auxiliary, Et cetera. "They're great students, great program, and that's the future”, says Sheriff Wasylyshyn.

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