City hopes get citizen input with new survey

City hopes get citizen input with new survey
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: City of Toledo)
(Source: City of Toledo)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Mayor Paula Hicks Hudson and Toledo City Council are asking what they can change when it comes to the Glass City's budget.

On Tuesday, the mayor and city council released a new Citizen's Priorities Survey, which gives residents the opportunity to rank the importance of different programs within the city.

"What we are hoping is that we're going to have a real overview of the 733 programs that the city performs, what they cost, and then a sense of how much they actually meet our priorities as a city," said Councilwoman Sandy Spang.

This survey is live online until June 5. City leaders say it's imperative to get as much feedback as they can during this time.

The results will help each department figure out where priorities should be according to the citizens. Within each department, they are working on figuring out the costs of different programs.

Although changes aren't going to happen overnight to the city budget, Spang says hearing from the taxpayers is important for its success.

"Great cities set big goals, and in order for Toledo to set big goals and reach them, we're going to have to free resources towards those goals," Councilwoman Spang said. "I think this will be an opportunity for citizens to talk about what matters to them."

Spang says she hopes the city continues this survey in the years to come, and can evolve with the survey's results.

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