Trial decision on hold for man accused of sucking toes

Trial decision on hold for man accused of sucking toes

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The man accused of sucking a woman's toes at Franklin Park Mall was back in court Tuesday.

There has yet to be a decision on whether or not Joseph Jones is competent to stand trial.

Jones was brought in to Toledo Municipal court from a state mental health hospital.

Jones and the judge also exchanged some heated words during the hearing.

At one point during the hearing, Jones told the judge that there will be "consequences", so "everyone needs to watch their P's and Q's"

The judge yelled at Jones to stop talking told Jones that he "is not going to threaten us in this courtroom."

The judge then had Jones removed from court.

Jones expressed frustration his mental competency evaluation was not ready.

"I'm a person," Jones said. "I have consciousness and don't think I am just passively accepting this because I'm not."

Jones also said the media coverage he is getting is hurting his life coaching business.

"I have some clients who are multi-millionaires so these are actual people when you think of online," Jones said. "Sometimes people don't realize that these are actual living breathing people, and I need to make sure I take care of my clients."

Jones is also accused of touching a woman's hands and feet without her consent at a Meijer store in Bowling Green.

He faces misdemeanor charges in Toledo and a felony abduction charge in Bowling Green.

Jones will remain at a psychiatric hospital pending his cases' outcomes. The judge hopes to rule on Jones's competency to stand trial in June.

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