Law enforcement using creative ways to crackdown on distracted driving

Law enforcement using creative ways to crackdown on distracted driving

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Most everyone has sent a text behind the wheel of a moving car. And those that have not certainly have seen it. But law enforcement officials are getting creative on cracking down on distracted driving.

Toledo police say if they see a driver using a phone behind the wheel, whether it is texting or any other purpose, they will pull that driver over.

Meanwhile in Bedford Township, police are using unmarked cars to catch distracted drivers in the act.

"It's a heavy piece of machinery," said Trooper William McMullen of Michigan State Police. "If you're looking down, it only takes a second to be distracted  and strike a pedestrian."

WTOL followed McMuellen's effort to catch distracted drivers. McMullen ticketed two drivers.

But it's not just cell phones that police say are distracting drivers.

McMullen said a driver dropped his hamburger, dropped it and hit a squad car while trying to pick it back up.

"It only takes a split second to ruin your life and someone else's life who may be along that roadway that you could possibly strike, hurt and kill," McMullen said.

Michigan lawmakers hope to strengthen their distracting driver law with larger fines and possible adding a point to a person's driver's license. The House meets on to discuss those changes next week.

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