Wood County Chief Constable retires, sheriff's office takes over

Wood County Chief Constable retires, sheriff's office takes over

WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - The Chief Constable at the Wood County Courthouse announced he is retiring, which leaves many who is in charge of security at the courthouse.

For now, the sheriff's office will take over security until a new constable takes over.

"Before my time, the sheriff's office did not do any of the security in the courthouse," said Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn. "We dealt with the inmates that were brought in for different court hearings, but the actual security of the entire building was not under me."

After a retirement, the Ohio Revised Code came in to play. Sheriff Wasylyshyn found out he is technically supposed to be the man in charge of the courthouse area.

Sheriff Wasylyshyn  says he plans to make it an easy transition. His first action will be to hire current court constables.
Trying to hire the current court constables first.

"We have a process they have to go through to be hired by us and if they pass that then, which hopefully they all will, then they would be deputy sheriff's," Sheriff Wasylyshyn explained.

The changes will not affect a judge's ability to have constables in their courtrooms.

Wasylshyn says right now he's working out details with the county commissioners to make sure the transition is as cost neutral as possible.

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