5 WLS teachers resign, 2 will not renew contract after alleged drinking incident

5 WLS teachers resign, 2 will not renew contract after alleged drinking incident

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - All seven teachers accused of leaving a sixth grade camp and drinking during a meal at a nearby restaurant will not return to school.

According to WLS, the camp was at the YMCA Camp Copneconic in Fenton, MI.

The school launched an investigation into the allegations and determined the seven teachers violated board policy and the Licensure Code by both leaving the camp and consuming alcohol.

The teachers were placed on leave for the remainder of the school year. The school board did gave the teachers the opportunity to resign.

Five of the teachers elected to resign. The other two teachers elected not to renew their contracts.

If they decided against resignation, the board planned on taking action against the accused teachers. The board says the teachers would have been given full due process with the opportunity to respond to the allegations.

The teachers were given time to consult their attorneys before making a decision on whether or not to resign.

They will continued to be paid through June 8.

Parents of Shoreland students said they were unaware of anything regarding the allegations. They say their students did not notice anything strange, and they had fun during the camp.

Betty Turner, a grandmother of one of the students at the camp, says she wished the teachers were more involved in the camp process. She says if something did happen during the camp, she wants to know.

"My granddaughter said she had a good time. I didn't hear anything about the situation, you know everything was kept hush-hush," Turner said. "So hopefully if it did happen they can discipline it and maybe they can start participating more with the kids when they do go to camp."
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