Toledo police to soon have choice of arrest, second chance deflection

Toledo police to soon have choice of arrest, second chance deflection

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo Police Officers will soon have a choice to arrest someone or to give them a second chance.

Police are getting training for pre-arrest deflection.

If an officer comes into contact with someone with drugs or someone who would usually warrant a disorderly conduct or obstruction of justice charge, the officer will have the choice to arrest the suspect or allow them the chance to take a class.

"It's about giving someone an option," said TPD Chief George Kral. "If officers think this person is eligible for a program and they are successful the charges are never filed but if they go into this 4 hour class and say this isn't for me they will be charged."

The officer will withhold the charges and require the person to go to a four-hour class. If the person completes the class, the department will not file charges.

"To make sure these officers understand the utility of this program and are not just giving people a free pass because that will not happen it's my role as police chief that i keep this community safe and we are not going to put that in jeopardy in anyway," said Chief Kral.

The deflection program is only available for people facing either obstruction of justice, disorderly conduct and drug procession charges.

These offenses account for a large number of jail bookings. They are also are charges the predominantly impact the black community.

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