Ohio craft brewery named in music licensing lawsuit

Ohio craft brewery named in music licensing lawsuit

CLEVELAND (AP) - An Ohio craft brewery is one of several establishments around the U.S. that has been hit with a lawsuit for music license fee violations.

The Plain Dealer (http://bit.ly/2q3ECzw ) reports Willoughby Brewing Co. is being sued by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). Venues included in the lawsuit are in New Hampshire, Nevada, New Jersey, California and Texas.

The music organization collects royalties whenever its artist's songs are played in public, whether live or recorded.

A manager of the brewing company says the club is paid in full.

A representative with ASCAP says the licensing fees are the cost of doing business.

He estimates a venue that has a capacity of 150 people and plays music on the weekend would pay about $750 a year in fees.

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