Memory of local art scenester honored at domestic violence event

Memory of local art scenester honored at domestic violence event

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - They raised money on Saturday in Downtown Toledo at the Black Cloister to prevent domestic violence.

The event was called 'Catfest'.

Cat refers to Cat Lambert, a victim of domestic violence.

Two years ago, Cat was brutally murdered by her husband at their Rossford home.

Cat was a supporter of the local arts scene. She even had her own web site called 'Where's the Cat' which promoted upcoming art shows, concerts, films and club events.

"She got businesses to work with other businesses to invite artists and musicians into their place that would never have thought of putting them in there before," said 'Catfest' organizer Dee Brown, who now run's Cat's website.

'Catfest' featured local bands, artists and businesses.

There was also raffles, an auction and donation bins.

"I think it's great and I think most importantly she would love it. I feel her here with us," says Cat's son Matt Lambert.

And Cat did have a presence here.

Next to the stage was a red silhouette statue in her memory as part of the Silent Witness Project.

Mike Lambert remembers his mom.

"As the most caring, loving person ever. She would bend over backwards for anyone. Take her own shirt off. Give it to another person," said Mike.

Money collected at 'Catfest' will go to the Bethany "House, a long term domestic violence shelter for women and children.

"These types of events like 'Catfest' bring the awareness to people and it's helpful because there's so many reasons people don't have to be ashamed to be afraid to speak up or help someone" says Devona Smith of Bethany House.

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