Call 11 For Action helps Toledo woman cut $404 water bill in half

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - No one enjoys paying their sewer and water bill but especially, when it's an outrageous amount.

That's why an east Toledo woman reached out to Call 11 For Action, which helped her get relief.

We asked the city's Department of Public Utilities to look into why a woman living alone saw such a spike in her water usage. It just didn't make any sense.

Jeanette Okumus received a $404 bill. When asked if it was really bothering her, she said, "Yes it was."

73 year-old Jeanette Okumus can't afford that on her fixed income, so two weeks ago she asked Call 11 For Action for help.

"I was really happy. I thought wow someone is on my side a little bit," Okumus said.

She couldn't find any leaking toilets or outside faucets running, so why was her most recent quarterly bill four times higher than normal? She appealed it and we pushed the city to take quick action.

And after an internal board review, they discovered the water did flow through her meter. But they don't know when or why it happened.

"It definitely does not seem like any kind of normal usage for her at all. She has very consistent usage and this was definitely out of the norm," said
Commissioner of Utilities Administration Abby Arnold.

The board did the right thing, and cut her bill in half to around $200, something Jeanette can handle.

She got emotional about the Call 11 For Action team. "I think they're really helpful and my prayers, I thank God for people like you," she said.

Jeanette says she will probably have a plumber come out and look for a possible leak, but the city says her water usage has d ropped back down to normal.

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