Bill seeks to regulate daily fantasy sports in Ohio

Bill seeks to regulate daily fantasy sports in Ohio

COLUMBUS, OH (WTOL) - Last year, Ohio lawmakers were looking to regulate, and possibly ban, daily fantasy sports in Ohio. Now, a lawmaker from Napoleon has a proposal that could get a vote soon.

Jahmal Green is one of the 2 million people who play daily fantasy sports in Ohio.

"For me it brings enjoyment to the game, because you're not just watching a team that you may love, but you're watching players because you want those player to perform well," Green said. "They perform well, you win money."

In September of 2016, Sen Bill Coley (R-Liberty Twp.) introduced a bill in the Senate to regulate daily fantasy sports. However, that bill ultimately died.

A new bill in the state House declares daily fantasy sports a game of skill and not gambling. Under the bill, websites like Draft Kings and Fan Duel would have to pay a $10,000 annual licensing fee to operate in Ohio.

Rep. Rob McColley (R-Napoleon) introduced the bill and says that money would go towards the cost of regulating the games in Ohio. Games involving high school and college sports would not be allowed. There would also be protections for beginners against advanced players.

"To make sure that there isn't any sort of predatory gaming going on, if you will, with somebody who's extremely experienced," Rep. McColley explained.

The bill also doesn't do anything to regulate office pools. Only third party sites that take a piece of the fees players pay to enter games would be regulated.

Green says it all sounds pretty good to him,

"I believe that most of the players who are playing, as long as they're still allowed to compete and make some money every now and then, it's good business for everyone."

Representative McColley says the bill is expected to get a vote in the House next week. If passed, it would head to the Senate.

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