Andover Apartments fire leaves more than 100 residents without homes

Andover Apartments fire leaves more than 100 residents without homes

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - After a massive fire took place at the Andover Apartments in South Toledo, more than 100 residents are now without their homes.

Toledo fire said the cause of the fire is undetermined, but the investigation will stay open in case new evidence arises.

The fire departments estimate the buildings were worth $2.5 million, while everything inside was worth an estimated a quarter of a million dollars.

Toledo fire said an investigation is underway to determine the cause. They say they have a general idea of where it started, but, they're not speculating the cause of the blaze.

"There was an occupant that came out and saw smoke on the outside of the building notified a manager and started evacuating the building right away after they called 911," said Pvt. Sterling Rahe of the Toledo Fire Department. "It could've originated from the inside, maybe an inside wall, and migrated to the outside, again that's what our investigators are looking at right now"

The apartments were build in 1971 without a fire wall. Due to a grandfather clause when the fire walls were required, the building was never required to have a fire wall.

"If this building is replaced or another one is built like this, they would have to meet the current codes of today," Pvt. Rahe said.

Of the three buildings 36 units were destroyed. Though 24 units were saved, firefighters say they are "unlivable."

"I know people who just moved in here like literally like two weeks ago," Davis said, "and now they've got to look for a whole other place like they didn't ask for it."

Fortunately there were no injuries reported from the fire but families that stayed in those three buildings are still reeling from the incident and have been left with nothing.

"I'm completely distraught, I can't believe it," said Jordan Davis, whose brother was displaced by the fire.

The Toledo Chapter of the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund is accepting monetary donations for the survivors of the fire.

Originally, the Red Cross asked for clothes, toiletries, food and other necessities. But less than 24 hours after the fire, the Red Cross was overwhelmed with donations.

Even 8th graders from nearby St. Patrick of Heatherdowns volunteered to help those affected by the fire.

"Even with all of this here, I wasn't going to be able to make things better for that person, and so you just sit," said volunteer Tina Abel. "That's what I said to the one lady I sat with, there are no words, I can't make this better for you, but I can sit here, and I will be here and I will be strong for you, and then we will give you some food, and a place to stay for the night."

To make a donation, call the Red Cross at 419-349-7124.

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