Playoffs and beards go together like peanut butter and jelly

LOVELAND, CO (WTOL) - If you look around the Walleye hockey team, like most teams when it comes to playoff time, you will notice one thing.


"To be honest this is probably one of the best groups of playoff beards I've seen out of all the teams I've played for," said defenseman Beau Schmitz

So whose got the best playoff beard on the team?

Carter Sandlack got the most votes, even one from himself.

"I think right now it's gotta go to Sandlack," coach Dan Watson

"Sandlack's got a pretty good beard, I'm in the mix a little bit," Schmitz said.

"I'd like to think myself," Sandlack laughed. "Years of experience kind of take over. Gotta get the beard oil going. Make it all trimmed up nice. Overall presentation is key."

What about ugliest beard?

Sandlack gave that honor to Walleye forward Evan Rankin.

"He doesn't grow much" Sandlack said. "He only has a little goatee going with a little mustache so I don't even think that's classified as a beard."

"It's a struggle," Rankin said. "I wish it grew in a little bit fuller but I got what God gave me."

One thing the Walleye can agree on is that growing playoff beards is all about being part of the team.

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