OHSAA passes 20 changes to bylaws

OHSAA passes 20 changes to bylaws
(Source: WTOL)

(WTOL) - Ohio High School Athletic Association members schools passed 20 revisions to the OHSAA Constitution and Bylaws.

Among the revisions passed:

  • The OHSAA will require schools to sponsor a minimum of two sports per season, compete in at least half of all contests and participate in the OHSAA tournament in each sport.
  • All athletic contests will be under the direct supervision of the competing schools.
  • All female athletes are allowed to participate on boys teams without restrictions; however, an athlete cannot participate on both the boys and girls teams the same year in the same sport. Transgender athletes are also allowed to participate on the team of their choice without restriction.
  • The OHSAA will permit competition between sexes on a case-by-case basis. A waiver must be issued by the Executive Director's Office.
  • All contests by have a site manager and utilize an Emergency Action Plan.
  • Athletes attending non-traditional/specialty school with do not sponsor sports can assigned to play for a member school within the district.
  • For recruiting violations, the OHSAA can deny a member school participation in a tournament. It can also suspend players or a the membership of a school for recruiting violations.

The bylaw changed will go into effect August 1.

To see the complete list of bylaw changes and how the schools voted, follow this link.

OHSAA also announced the results to the District Athletic Board elections.

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