Money Talks News: Honest Investment Advice

Money Talks News: Honest Investment Advice

Money Talks News - According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about a quarter million investment advisers in the United States. With all those options, it can be hard to find the right person to help you with your finances. Luckily, there are tips you can follow to make sure you find the right investment adviser to fit your needs.

Start with referrals from friends, especially if their financial situation is similar to yours. Accountants and lawyers are also good sources to get referrals from.

Once you've narrowed down your list, ask what the investor can do you for. Give a little background about yourself, and then see what they can do with not only your investment portfolio, but with taxes, estate planning, and retirement planning as well.

There is one thing you have to do for your adviser however: pay them. The next thing you want to check is how your adviser is going to get paid. Fee-based financial planners tend to be better than commission-based ones, because they're going to give you better, more object advice. Whichever option you prefer, just make sure you know how they get paid.

Then ask them about their education, background and experience. If you like all of the above, go online and see if they have a disciplinary history.

Before you enter into any relationship, always know what you expect to get out of it. You may be trying to get an education about finances, or you may be looking for a monthly meeting. Knowing what you want and saying it is going to keep you from being disappointed.

For more tips, head over to Money Talks News Website and search for investing.

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