Officials investigating vandalism of Perry Memorial

Officials investigating vandalism of Perry Memorial

Officials are investigating the vandalism of Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial in Put-In-Bay on May 13.

The Memorial commemorates the Battle of Lake Erie fought in 1812 and celebrates lasting peace between Britain, Canada and the United States.

The Memorial is also the final resting place of three American naval officers and three British officers.

According to Put-In-Bay Daily, the vandalism targeted the place where American officers Lieutenant John Brooks, Midshipman Henry Laub and Midshipman John Clark are laid to rest.

The suspect or suspects scaled a fence to enter an area closed for construction to commit the crime.

Anyone with information should contact the National Park Service Investigative Services Branch or US Park Rangers

The reward to help find the ones responsible for the vandalism has increased from the initial amount $1,000 to $2,500.

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