PENTA students days away from showing off the house they built

PENTA students days away from showing off the house they built

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Five months ago, the house on Dowling Road was freezing out and it was just a frame, but Thursday, the PENTA students were putting the finishing touches on the house they built from the ground up.

"With this they can drive by for the rest of their years," said Rob Weaver of the Construction Program with PENTA. "They can bring their kids by here, they can bring their grandkids. It's a lasting testimony of their high school years."

For some students this project is a major stepping stone in their careers. One student said he wanted to join his uncle's HVAC business and he needed to get the right education.

"I saw the things he was doing and I thought hey this is actually pretty cool," said Bryce McClair, junior in the PENTA HVAC Program. "I like this. Then he was like PENTA is offering a program in HVAC. I checked it out and that's what I'm doing now. And I like it."

PENTA says 85% of their seniors are going to college, working in their field, or have apprenticeships.

One instructor said trade jobs are in high demand, local electrician unions are coming to PENTA for new hires.

"We have a big skills gap right now," said Rob Haas of the Construction Electricity Program."There's a big need for skilled trade workers. They were not happy with what they were getting. People aren't applying not enough, so they came to us and it's a great way to get good labor."

The PENTA students are putting pride in their workmanship  not just good labor.

"Don't mess it up," McClair said. "Make it feel like this is their home, put every bit of drip sweat of heart and love into everything in this house."

The community is invited to come out Sunday to see the finished product, talk to students and meet the homeowners.

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