Mosquito Control working to cut down mosquito population

Mosquito Control working to cut down mosquito population

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - For many, the warm summer-like weather is welcome sign. But with the warm temperatures comes mosquitoes.

Lucas County is trying to get a head start on fighting this year's population.

The Mosquito Control Division of the Toledo Area Sanitary District has been busy this week. Once an area of standing water is tested and confirmed to hold mosquito larva, mosquito control crews head out and treat the area.

If the larva is young enough, they administer pellets that kill the mosquito when eaten.

If they are older and closer to flying, the crew sprays an oil that essentially suffocates the bugs.

These crews have been busy doing this work since the end of March, and will continue through the summer months.

With the wet weather Lucas County experienced in early May, a heavy mosquito population is expected this year. But even if there is a run of dry weather, the control crews will be constantly working.

"Then we shift our larva sighting control to other items like tires, abandoned pools, catch basins, retention ponds," said Bob Sattler of the Mosquito Control Division. "Then if we get a huge rain, then we'll pull our crews and check all of the standing flood waters."

Mosquito control also serves private property in Lucas County. If you want standing water on your property checked, call The Toledo Area Sanitary District mosquito control phone number.

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