Condition of US 223 has some concerned as travel picks up

Condition of US 223 has some concerned as travel picks up

MONROE, MI (WTOL) - Crews are doing patchwork on US 223 in Monroe County just before the Lenawee County Line.

But one township supervisor believes this patchwork is just putting a bandage on the bigger problem.

"The pavement is old," said Walter Ruhl, Whiteford Township Supervisor. "Now it's been probably close to 40 years before it's had any major work replacing the pavement and it's just breaking up."

Ruhl said pavement roads don't hold up in Michigan's freezing and thawing weather.

"When a concrete road goes bad they come in and take all of the pavement out, take the base out and it's a multi-billion dollar project to replace concrete roads," Ruhl said.

He also said it's a cost the Michigan Department of Transportation for this area hasn't allocated for.

As a result, commuter and commercial cars and trucks are avoiding the area by taking Sterns Road to Memorial Highway then connecting to US 223.

With the busy summer travel season starting soon, there will be campers and boats alike being pulled up Ruhl explained.

"There are some pot holes in that road that, they'll break axles."

The township supervisor said until the greater problem is solved, he believes people will keep bypassing the area.

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