Bicyclists around the world to take part in 'Ride of Silence'

Bicyclists around the world to take part in 'Ride of Silence'

. - Bicyclists across the world are set to take part in the 'Ride of Silence.'

The ride honors bicyclists who were killed or seriously injured while on a bike.

Susan Santoro is just one of the many participants in northwest Ohio. She is riding in honor of her late husband Tom.

"I want to finish the ride that Tom started last May 20th and unfortunately was tragically killed that day," said Santoro.

The crash happened while vacationing in California, a trip they took every year, when Tom and Susan first heard about Ride of Silence.

"I said, 'Honey, why don't we ever do this Ride of Silence.' And he said 'Oh, next year we'll plan our trip around that.' And two days later he was killed."

Tom was not a risk taker. He took all the necessary precautions before getting on his bike. The person behind the wheel did not.

"He had reflectors on his bike. He had a flashing light on the back of his helmet. So, I mean, this man has to live with this for the rest of his life," said Santoro.

During the Ride of Silence, not only did Susan wear the fanny pack Tom was wearing when he was killed, but rode his bike, too.

"We're doing this in remembrance of Tom," Santoro said. "But also, the key thing is awareness."

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