Lucas County Health Department battles homes with lead hazards

Lucas County Health Department battles homes with lead hazards

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The public can now view a list of homes with known lead hazards.

More than 20 of those homes are in Toledo.

These are homes where known lead hazards have not been addressed by landlords or property owners.

People currently reside in most of those homes.

"These homes have been in the system for a while now because there's the ability for those tenants to stay there as the landlords go through the process of trying to abate that property," said Eric Zgodzinski, director Lucas County Health Department.

Zgodzinski said that is a 90-day process multiple extensions available.

In some of the homes, children have already tested for lead poisoning.

Lead poisoning can cause health problems such as developmental delays.

"What my staff does is go in and educate the family, educate the kids about what not to do to take in lead," Zgodzinski said.

The Lucas County Health Department will check to make sure these properties are vacant.

If anyone doesn't comply, they could get lawyers involved.

"We're going to be look at giving Board of Health orders, then looking at actual civil activity," said Eric Zgodzinski, director of the Lucas County Health Department.

Visit here for a full list of the properties tainted by lead.

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